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Elaimei Anti Cellulite & Fat Burner Slimming Cream

Elaimei Anti Cellulite & Fat Burner Slimming Cream

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Our Powerful slimming cream can produce heat quickly to eliminate excess substances in the body and inhibit the absorption of excess nutrients.

Promote faster burning of subcutaneous fat tissue helping to reduce fat cells formation in the applied area.

The natural ingredients contained in the cream works to accelerate body metabolism absorbing and helping the body to eliminate fat cells and harmful toxins, resulting in weight loss and detoxification of your body.

The infused Serum works to eliminate the formation of cellulite helping the skin to recover to its natural condition.

Unisex use, ideal for woman or man who want to slim.

How to Use:

1- Before use the cream (or any cream) it is recommended to do an allergy test first, apply a small amount of the cream on your wrist area and wait for about 2 hours, and watch for any allergic reaction.

2- We recommend the cream to be used after a shower when the pores are open, but can also be applied before workout or even during the day, for best results, 2-4 applications per day is recommended. Apply a liberal amount on the desired area, massage until the skin fully absorb the cream.

3- You should feel the skin around the applied area start heating up, this is the cream working, if the heat is not too strong for you you may cover the applied area with plastic wrap to enhance the effectiveness of the cream.

4- Also ideal to use in the gym or in between workouts for best results use 2-4 times a day for continuous period of 60-90 days.


Aqua, Octanic acid/ Capric acid , Triglyceride, Propylene glycol, Serum, Cetearyl, Polydimethylsiloxane, Stearyl ether -2, Stearyl ether-21, Xanthan gum, Methylparaben, Bisabolol, Bis (Hydroxymethyl), Imudurea, Hydroxyphenyl, Propyl ester , Essence


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