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ELAIMEI Natural Detox Food Pad, Naturally Absorbs Toxins and Impurities

ELAIMEI Natural Detox Food Pad, Naturally Absorbs Toxins and Impurities

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Do you often feel tired?

Do you often day dream and find it difficult to fall asleep?

Natural Way to Detox– Natural ingredients in these foot pads relieve pain and tension, promote deeper sleeping

Clean While You Sleep – Simply stick it underneath your foot before sleeping. Generally need 6 – 8 hours for full absorption to occur before removing the pads, help you to ensure deep sleep and lets you wake up feeling refreshed

Value Pack with 10 Packs – Each package has 10-foot pad adhesive sheets, allowing you to use it for about 2 months till you feel better. The individual package is convenient for travel. Imagine waking up in the morning feeling revitalized, energetic and ready to take on the day! Gain Balance by cleansing. Improve physical health. Originating in Japan, researchers have discovered the benefits of bamboo’s ability to absorb large amounts of underground water.

1. Effectively reduce body chills and overcome cold hands and feet;
2. Reduce shoulder, neck, back and limb fatigue;
3. Alleviate the symptoms of multiple dreams and improve the quality of sleep;
4. Promote blood circulation, make skin rosy, fresh and energetic!

All-natural health products, 100% organic ingredients, wood acid extract, bamboo vinegar extract, tourmaline, vitamin C, plant fiber, negative ion powder, dextrin; suitable for smokers, hangovers and long-time workers and spirits And people who are under great pressure.

Function:  This footpad helps to activate cells, relieving fatigue, possessing a better quality of sleep, promoting wellness.

Application:  This foot care pad is suitable for the sub-health population, great for people who are under great stress, helping relieve pain and relax.

High quality: 
Made of high-quality material, don't worry about anaphylaxis when using it

Easy to use:  Stick and spread the footpad firmly onto the sole of your feet when sleeping, allow between 6-8 hours for full absorption before removing the pads

How to use

1. Clean the surface of the skin of the foot with warm water;
2. Tear off the paper behind the tape at the tear-off opening;
3. Put the foot stick powder in the centre of the foot, and the vent hole is close to the foot side;
4. Use before going to bed every day, 6-8 hours or the next morning, wipe with a paper towel or rinse with water.

Why do Foot Pads Turn Dark? If Exposed to Water or Sweat.

The footpads will definitely get dark when placed underwater or sweat, just like tea bag will get dark, due to the special substance inside. But you will see some differences:

Exposed to water or sweat: Only turn dark, just like the tea bag and the surface have nothing – no gooey or another problematic item.

Tear-off pads from your feet: The footpads will be a brownish gooey and tar-like, most likely substance that has been out your feet. If you continue to use it you will notice that they don’t come out gooey in the morning anymore.


1. Wear a light sock over the foot pads to avoid accidental displacement.
2. Only for external use, please do not take orally.
3. Pregnant women and those who have allergies problems are prohibited to use it.
4. Recommend using it continuously for about 2 months when you use it first.

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