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Elaimei Silicone Gel Sheet Patch Scar Removal Wound Skin Repair Treatment Remover Keloid Surgery - 3M Long

Elaimei Silicone Gel Sheet Patch Scar Removal Wound Skin Repair Treatment Remover Keloid Surgery - 3M Long

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Non-irritating Scar Reduction – Our Medical Silicone Scar Tape is made with hospital medical-grade soft silicone. It’s non-irritating, which provides PAIN-FREE removal, and is reusable. It’s also friendly to sensitive and fragile skin. These washable and flexible scar tape hydrate and soften skin while protecting scars from everyday movement

Soften Old And New Scars - Our Long Silicone Scar Tape is ideal for a variety of scars, including surgical scars, C-section scars, and acne scars. Just place over old or new scars to reduce itching, redness, and discomfort. It also helps with most scar types caused by hypertrophic, post-acne, keloid, injuries & burns scars, and stretch marks.


Scar Removal Tape / Sheets

This silicone scars tape is gentle on the skin and sticks well to the skin surrounding scars.
Scar tape stickers protect scars from ultraviolet rays, reduce melanin deposits, and keep skin beautiful.

This patented silicone is supported to hydrate scar tissue and mimics the natural barrier function of healthy skin to make scars flatter, softer, and less visible. silicone is the dermatologist-recommended scar reduction treatment ingredient.

Safety Medical-Grade Ingredient – Made with 100% soft, medical-grade silicone, our Scar Tape is free of latex and Teflon. The medical-grade silicone mimics the natural skin barrier, preventing further skin damage and providing bandage stability. These silicone scar sheets work on new and old scars and are safe for children and adults.

Easy To Apply & Remove – Our long scar removal sheets are soft, lightweight, and breathable, allowing comfort wearing for 24 hours. It can be used day & night with clothes on and leaves no residue behind. Feel no discomfort while using and peeling it off.



Prevention of scar hyperplasia
Softening and smoothing the scar
Reduce pigmentation
Improvement of Old and New Scars appearance
Improves, Heals and Lightens Scars
Non-invasive Safe for Nursing Moms

How To Use:

Clean and dry scar area
Cut scar sheet based on scar size and shape.
Remove liner from the adhesive side of the scar sheet
Press the scar sheet gently onto the scar area. Apply scar sheets on post-surgical scars 1-2 weeks after stitches are removed and when there is no oozing or crusting. You can apply immediately on old scars. Our scar sheets can be used for up to 24-48 weeks.


1. Use this product once the scar or wound has been healing for at least 7 days. You may start using days and gradually increase up to 24 hours a day. Silicone sheets should be worn for 4-8 hours per day for the first few.

2. Use a minimum of 12 hours a day for maximum results.If the scar sheets get stained, gently wash them in warm water and let it dry, or use a hairdryer to dry it.


Package include: 1 Box Silicone Scar Tape

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